策略 & 设计

Decisively map out what you should do, not what you 能做的.

Product Roadmap

拥有超过20年的经验,我们的内部设计策略和用户体验 公司其他Left帮助财富500强企业和初创公司推出创新产品 数字 产品. Our user-centric, research-driven design process ensures that we uncover 和 validate the actual needs of the user. We always start by asking, "What problem are we trying to solve?". We employ user research, journey mapping, 和 prototyping to validate our 假设和清楚地定义解决方案,根据你应该做什么,而不是你 能做的. 这种方法显著降低了项目在预算和时间上的风险 确保产品解决了正确的问题,真正满足了业务需求.

Let us help you move 从 could to should.

Product development is 硬.

Product development can fail for several reasons. It could be 从 lack of stakeholder alignment, 低估了所需的总努力,缺乏明确的产品决策者,或者没有做到 identify proven versus assumed user needs appropriately. Failure could mean a delay in launching 你的产品,浪费了大量的时间和资金,甚至失去了你的创业.

According to the PMI,

of IT projects didn’t meet their goals.
of IT projects went over budget.
of IT projects were delivered late.

Align all your stakeholders

我们的产品策略专家将帮助您确定所有的利益相关者是谁 原则在你的公司,销售人员,客户服务,最终用户,甚至你的 供应商. We'll help you bring all of their expectations into alignment.

Scope the project accurately

我们将帮助您正确地估计构建新产品实际需要的总工作量. 大多数公司倾向于低估这一点,这可能会打乱你产品发布的时间 和 marketing campaign.

Identify the project owner

如果没有决策者,就很难实现团队最初的目标 development timeline. To prevent getting stuck in an approval loop, we'll help you clearly define roles before the project start.

Prove the user needs

不要因为假设客户需要什么而拿项目的整个成功冒险. Our product 战略专家将充分研究利益相关者已证实的需求,以确保回报 of investment 和 efficiency gains you expected.

Eliminate the Risk, Let Us Map Out Your Project

Human-centered design approach.

从一个很棒的想法开始,然后立即投入生产,这几乎总是可行的 结束 up with a difficult-to-use product. Without the proper due diligence 和 research to 确定市场问题,创建解决方案设计,并构建需求和用户列表 stories, your product will most likely fail to reach its goals. Our human-centered design 方法是一个从左到右的过程,它的工作是使所有的问题清晰并理清 confusion before development begins.

Product Roadmap

Market Problem

我们从定义市场问题开始,首先确定谁是利益相关者,以及 协调他们对如何解决问题的看法与最终用户的实际需要. 我们所做的 通过创建一个问题陈述来真正理解我们要解决的问题.

Solution 设计

现在是时候通过做设计研究来了解他们的真实情况来进入解决方案设计了 needs 和 their perspectives. This involves creating wireframes, product architecture, 和 设计研究,这样每个人都能同意一个有充分文件的具体方案 解决方案.

Requirements / User Stories

最后, 我们查看了一系列有益的需求和用户描述,这些需求和用户描述清楚地告诉开发人员该做什么以及接受标准是什么. At this point, we get to start development. 这不是一条完美的直线,但我们离一开始纠结的困惑已经很远了.


With almost all of the confusion cleared up, we can begin development. There's always something 在这一点上必须改变,但是现在您可以进入平滑的配置测试和 tweaking as you go. Before long, you have a smooth launch with an easy-to-use product at the 结束.

Moving 从 could to should.

我们每天帮助企业做他们能做的事情,并找出他们应该做什么. 我们的工作 是研究和记录用户的想法,然后创造有用的视觉效果和产品 them in their daily lives. We work with startups 和 large organizations to help them think 通过他们试图解决的问题,并确保答案与他们的一致 利益相关者和用户的需求和兴趣,最终得到一个易于使用的产品. We get 从 在产品开发之前,我们是否应该明确定义和设计产品.


Start with the problem

Product Roadmap

基于一开始就知道的东西来设计,你可能会得到一个解决不了问题的产品 the user's needs.

Product Roadmap

根据你发现的清晰定义的问题陈述进行设计,利益相关者 interviews, 和 user research.

Our first steps at 其他Left are several versions of discovery that culminates in a clearly defined problem statement. If you're a leader or an entrepreneur whose primary responsibility is 要确定将你的想法开发成软件是否值得,关键是要非常 clear on the problem. It's a specific problem that's only solved by asking, who is that person? What is his or her pain point? Whatever the problem is, with stakeholder interviews 和 user research, we'll successfully define the 结束-user.


Underst和 the humans

Product Roadmap

为使用产品的假设用户/人类设计可以解决领导者的问题。 underst和ing of the users, not the actual user's problems.

Product Roadmap


The next step is underst和ing the humans you're trying to serve. Even if you're clear on the problem 和 already done your cost model, you may be making the mistake of designing for a hypothetical human. 用户的问题往往与领导者的理解不同. 我们很容易缺乏同理心,直到我们试图让一个非常具体的人活过来. It's a critical mistake to avoid this step, 这就是为什么我们要为最终用户创建角色和旅程地图,以建立对真人的同理心.


What you'll get in the 结束

Product Roadmap

让“买账”一个想法来建立一个技术产品,但利益相关者可能会想象 different 解决方案s 从 that product.

Product Roadmap

在开发开始之前,通过创建线框图、设计来清晰地设计产品 comps, 和 prototypes.

为了确保你的产品是正确的,有市场,我们明确地设计了 使用线框图和设计图表的产品,以便每个人都可以在开发之前看到它 even exists. 有了这些线框图和设计图,我们可以制作一个可点击的原型 starts to feel like the app itself. It's very fast to fix something like this. Now you have a 很好地了解产品本身要做什么,电竞赛事竞猜APP在没有 costing your company a costly rebuild.


Development 和 implementation

Product Roadmap

为产品制定预算,根据现有信息将预算交给开发部门,然后满怀希望 for the best. 但是没有办法知道投资是否能解决手头的问题 have the anticipated impact. You won't even know if you're going to get the product your or your users have in mind.

Product Roadmap

明确你要解决的问题,所有利益相关者在解决方案中需要什么,需要谁 你是在为用户故事构建优先级的产品 roadmap, 和 a tech strategy.

往往用户体验设计和产品设计本身就脱离了竖井 technical partnership. That 结束s up being one of the most expensive mistakes because the process of content aggregation has not been adequately considered. It's vital to determine where every 信息的来源,聚合的过程是什么,是谁 responsible for gathering it. Only by going through the process can you properly estimate how much time it will take.